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You're in the right place if you are...

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A book-lover writing a novel...​

You’ve lost count of how many amazing worlds you’ve escaped into.​ It’s your dream, your driving force, to create those worlds, too.​

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but you're lost & frustrated...

Because writing novels is hard. How does story structure work? How do you actually get words on paper?​ Does the plot make sense?

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and, frankly, losing energy & passion;

You remember when writing a novel was exciting. You remember that feeling in your gut. Where did it go? When did it become hard?

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you want to finish a magical novel.

For it to be a great one… for it to sell. If you could not only have readers love your book, but also make money from it, it would be magical.

Fiction Alchemy is here for you.

You dream of publishing a novel. The ideas in your head won’t let you have a moment’s peace, but you can’t seem to get those ideas written down… or if you do, the story just doesn’t feel right

You want to do it right. You want to do it well. And you do not want it to take FOREVER! And you want to love not only the novel, but the process you go through to write it. You want to enjoy writing again.

I can help you with all of that. If you’re feeling weighed down by your writing, leaden and frustrated, I can show you how to turn that around, find your gold, and become a Fiction Alchemist.

Where did the magic in your writing go?

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Learn the secrets of your story

So you always know what to write in the next scene. Never sit down at your computer again and end up wasting an hour staring at a blinking cursor. Even better—it'll help to reignite your passion for the novel!​

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Rekindle your love of writing

So "writer's block" becomes a thing of the past. Full disclosure: I don't BELIEVE IN writer's block, and I can help you make it disappear.​

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Master the wisdom of fiction alchemy

Don't spend 13 years writing your first book. Life's too short for that kind of self-flagellation and misery. You CAN get it done in 6 months.​

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