Finally finish your novel.
For real this time.

Do you want to stop agonizing over how to get words on screen? It’s time to take a stand for your novel. These resources will help you go from agony to author.

Links will be added as I create them!

The Fiction Alchemy Life

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What is Fiction Alchemy & Why Do You Care?

Becoming the writer you want to be is within your grasp, if you apply the Fiction Alchemy process. Take your writing life from chaos to brilliance here.

Outlining 101

(The EASY way!)

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What's in an outline?

Exactly what you need (and DON'T need) to put together a solid novel outline.

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How to create an outline.

The ULTIMATE guide to writing your novel outline. And it's easy, too.

Author Mindset​

What you need to beat the anti-writing trolls hiding in your headspace.​
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Writer's Block

Why I don't believe in it, and how you can never feel it again.

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This isn't a yoga blog. But that doesn't mean writers don't need self-care, too.