I work with dedicated, aspiring authors who are frustrated because they are struggling to finish their novel.

Is any of this you as an author?

  • Frustrated because you have a story to tell but you're getting stuck in the weeds
  • Panicking anytime a well-meaning friend asks, “Is your book done yet? When can I read it?”
  • Thought you knew where your story was going when you started... but now it's murkier than a Louisiana swamp
  • Always suffering from the dreaded writer’s block, feeling like you never know how to write that next scene
  • Stuck in endless edits because your plot feels unbalanced or full of holes
  • Or maybe you just don't know where to freaking start

You want to feel confident that when you sit down to write, GOOD words will come out.

Sounds like you, huh?

A lot of new (and old!) writers really struggle with getting the story they want to tell down on paper. The frustration is real. Some have even given up completely on their novels because they don’t think they can do it.

You don’t have to be one of those writers.

Get the support you need to finally get your book done.

You’ve got an awesome story to tell.

The problem is you’re not sure you’re telling the story the way you want to. You’re frustrated by endless writer’s block.

Not to mention, it’s so embarrassing whenever someone asks you, “So, what’s your book about?”

Together we can make writing your novel so much easier, faster, and tons more fun. You want your story out in the world and you want it to sell.

We’ll get you there.

You’ll finally be excited to answer whenever your brother-in-law asks if your book is done yet.

Go from feeling like you’ll never finish your novel to happily typing The End on a first draft you LOVE.

And better yet? Do it in just a few months, rather than a year or more!


  • Getting your novel written in under 6 months.
  • Not needing to do 3 or 4 re-writes when you finish. 
  • A first draft that just works.

What would it mean for you to be able to say you’ve written a novel and it’s a good one?

That’s where outline coaching with me comes in.

I can help you take your story from idea to structured and ready to write.

That’s exactly what other clients have achieved when they created a novel outline with me, and it’s exactly what you can achieve, too. Even “pantsers” have been converted to “plotters” when they saw how easy creating an outline can be and how much it can help you write your novel.

A character-driven, tightly plotted, and exciting story is possible!

Get the support you need to finally get your book done.

Curious what's in it?

Outline Alchemy includes

1. Knowledge

First we do some prep work. You'll get the Outline Alchemist novel plotting template, PDFs, including logline, synopsis, blurb, and outline templates to draft your outline

2. Feedback

I'll review your draft outline before our call and give you personalized feedback on the whole thing (you've got to submit it 72 hours before our call—I've got a baby after all!)

3. Action

Your outline review will come with a personalized action plan answering powerful and strategic novel-writing questions around plot, tension, character, and more.

4. Clarity

After purchase, you've got 30 days to send me your outline and schedule your call. We'll jump on one 60-minute call to go over my feedback, make sure you understand, and get you off on the right track to finish the novel of your dreams.

5. Support

You get 2 weeks of email (or Voxxer with audio) support after our call to answer follow-up questions and get quick* feedback. Feedback typically provided in 48 business hours.

Get the support you need to finally get your book done.

Outline Alchemy will change your writing life.

  • Outline your novel quickly — The quicker you outline your novel, the quicker you can start writing a solidly-structured manuscript
  • Outline simply without getting lost in the details — The more intuitively you outline, without getting lost in details, the stronger your story will be
  • Repeat the process for your next novel — By learning to intuitively outline, you’ll be able to repeat the process again and again, meaning all your next books will be even easier to write—you’ll get better each time
  • Find the major plot points that will make your novel exciting and easy-to-write — By finding the plot holes before you start writing, you’ll write a first draft that’s functional and avoid heavy, frustrating developmental editing at the end
  • Feel confident in your outlines so you know exactly what to write — When you’re confident in your outline, you know exactly what to write, which means no more staring blankly at your screen or writer’s block

I'm Holly, your novel coach.

I’m an author of epic fantasy and paranormal romance, a book-lover, a novel coach, and the founder of Fiction Alchemy. 

I’ve been writing original fiction since 2002 and my first publication was that same year. I’ve helped dozens of writers figure out how to outline the right way so they write great first drafts every time.

Holly Ostara headshot | Fiction Alchemy

Get the support you need to finally get your book done.

Your Investment is $300.

It’s your time. Get your novel written!

Have a question? Email me or schedule a free 15 minute call to see if Outline Alchemy is right for you.